Ideas for where to share your app promo codes.

Dec 26, 2018

App marketing is hard. We do not claim that we know how to magically make your app super successful. This takes time and continuous effort. What we do know is that promo codes giveaways are one of the easiest and most efficient ways to get new users, especially for new apps and games.

So you've created your app code promotions (using Promies of course :). Now what? Where do you share them to promote your app? There are many sites you can share your code promotions to boost your app awareness. This is not an exhaustive list, rather a starting point. Be creative, not spammy and all the best for your app!

These sites would be great starting point for sharing your app & game promo codes. We will continue to look for great places to post your app code promotions. If you know a great place that is not included here, get in touch and we will check it out. Happy app marketing! :)