Email newsletters are resuming!

Aug 24, 2022

After a "hiatus" of a year or more, the Promies mailing list is coming back to action :)

Promies started a few years ago as a way to connect app developers with users willing to try new apps and games in exchange for free promo codes for their creation. So we created a mailing list to distribute such promo codes from developers to users.

We ran it for some time and then stopped due to other commitments.

But now we are back and resuming the project! So if you are a user who wants to receive free promo codes for apps and games, please subscribe.

Or if you are an app developer who wants to give up some promo codes to introduce their app to 2700+ potential users for free, please sign up in the developer portal. Have a public promotion before Sep 1, 2022, for your app/game to be eligible to be included. The email newsletter will go out on or around Sep 1, 2022.

Talk to you soon!